Real Estate

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McCarville Law, P.L. offers a full service real estate law practice assisting clients with all aspects of real estate brokerage, contracts, development, taxation, transactional services and litigation.
bullet   Brokerage and Transactional Real Estate Services  

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  We represent brokers and owners in connection with acquisition and / or sale real estate and leasing matters.
  • Brokerage Activities

    • Commission Disputes

    • Procuring Cause Issues

    • Fiduciary Obligations owed to Client

    • Property Tax Portability advise and related issues

  • Drafting and Contract Review of Real Estate Related Contracts

    • Brokerage Contracts

    • Warranty and Quit Claim Deeds

    • Purchase and Sale Contracts

    • For Sale By Owner Contracts

    • Commercial and Residential Lease Contracts

    • Lease-Purchase Agreements

    • Mortgage Contracts

    • Disclosures



Real Estate Litigation    

Real estate matters can be incredibly complex. Not surprisingly, matters this complex frequently lead to disputes. While a resolution to real estate disputes may be attempted in an amicable matter, sometimes litigation becomes necessary. At McCarville Law we understand real estate litigation. We know how to handle matters in and out of the courts in the pursuit of positive results for you. We handle real estate matters such as:

  • Title Disputes
  • Earnest Money Disputes
  • Boundary, easement or encroachment disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Condominium litigation
  • Foreclosure defense / Mortgage modification
  • And others
  1. Real estate contracts are very important as they not only specify the terms of the transaction but they also indicate how disputes will be resolved, assign financial responsibility for property defects and losses, and many other issues.

    As a result, the drafting of real estate contracts is an essential part of managing your risk. The terms included or agreed to could have long lasting and far-reaching consequences should a breach or dispute arise. Please contact us so we can help.

  2. Property Tax Exemptions

    We can help you file for your property tax exemptions:

    • Florida Homestead Exemption
    • Agricultural Exemption
    • Veteran Disability
    • Others