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bullet   Preparing Your Documentation For Bankruptcy  

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Before the consultation with our attorneys you should gather the relevant documents and information that will needed if the bankruptcy is to proceed.

  1. A list of real property, including your interest in the property, the current value and the amount of any secured claim

  2. A list of your creditors, the amount that you owe them and any security on those accounts

  3. A list of your current personal property and its value. This includes property such as:
    • Cash available
    • Checking or savings accounts, certificates of deposit or annuities
    • Household goods, furniture, electronics and computer equipment
    • Deposits with utility companies, landlords, phone companies, etc.
    • Collectibles such as books, art, antiques, etc.
    • Clothing
    • Furs and jewelry
    • Firearms, sporting equipment, photographic or other hobby equipment
    • Interest in insurance policies
    • Qualified educational or tuition accounts
    • Pension or profit sharing accounts
    • Stocks and business interests
    • Government or corporate bonds
    • Moneys due you by others, including tax refunds
    • Alimony, maintenance, support, or property settlements to which you are entitled
    • Interests in the estate of a decedent, life insurance or trust
    • Patents, trademarks and copyrights
    • Licenses and franchises
    • Customer lists
    • Automobiles, trucks, trailers and other vehicles
    • Boats, motors and accessories
    • Office equipment, furniture and supplies
    • Machinery, fixtures and equipment used in business
    • Inventory
    • Animals
    • Additional personal property

  4. A list of any current contracts or unexpired leases, whether the debtor is the lessor or the lessee of the property

  5. A list of the names and addresses of any co-debtors on any accounts, along with the names and addresses of the creditors on those accounts

  6. The name and address of your employer, along with your occupation and the length of your employment

  7. Documentation of your income from employment, including payroll deductions

  8. Income from other sources, including alimony or maintenanced

  9. In some cases, a list of current monthly expenses

  10. A list of any payments made to creditors during the past 90 days

  11. A list of all payments made during the past year to creditors who could be defined as 'insiders'. (Creditors with whom the debtor has another relationship, like family members)

  12. A list of any lawsuits or administrative proceedings the debtor was a party to within the year preceding filing

  13. A description of any and all property that has been seized, garnished, attached, repossessed, foreclosed or returned during the preceding year

  14. A list of any property that has been assigned for the benefit of creditors within the 120 days preceding

  15. Any property that has been in the hands of a receiver, custodian or court-appointed official during the preceding year

  16. Any gifts or charitable contributions you made within the preceding year

  17. Losses from fire, theft, casualty or gambling during the preceding year

  18. Payments related to debt counseling or bankruptcy within the preceding year

  19. Any property transferred during the two years immediately proceeding filing

  20. A list of any financial accounts closed, sold, or transferred within the preceding year

  21. A list of safe deposit boxes (along with locations and contents) held presently or within the past year

  22. A list of any set-offs by any creditor in the past 90 days

  23. Any property held or controlled by the debtor for another person

  24. All addresses at which the debtor has lived during the preceding three years

  25. Nature, name and location of any businesses owned during the preceding six years